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Buy michael kors us outlet store online here! n model who reportedly spent a half million dollars to turn herself into a real life Barbie doll is indeed quite real and not the result of a computer generated image. Even so, many of the stories written about her are not the real deal. In 2012, photos of this supposed real life Barbie named Valeria Lukyanovashocked many around the world. Thousands of photos of Lukyanova showed her michael kors outlet online official site porcelain face with flawless skin, glassy blue eyes, a blank stare and small waist, which were apparently the result of dozens of surgeries (including, allegedly, having ribs removed). When Lukyanova first appeared, no one knew quite michael kors outlet denver what to make of her or her appearance. Some people thought she was a computer generated product of a viral video hoax. Others pointed to her as a horrific example of the pursuit of beauty gone awry, the sad consequence of a society in which girls are encouraged to view thin fashion models and Barbie dolls as ideals. She is michael kors outlet delaware quite real, though michael kors outlet online store usa many of the stories about her are not. [7 Beauty Trends That Are Bad for Your Health] A real life Barbie? Contrary to many headlines, there's no evidence that Lukyanovais actually trying to emulate the world's most popular doll; the word "Barbie" does not appear anywhere onLukyanova's website nor in any of the available material attributed to her. Furthermore, a Google search of images of Lukyanova reveals plenty of airbrushed glamour shots, but conspicuously absent are photos of her with her supposed idol, Barbie. Surely if this aspiring model's claim to fame were centered on trying to achieve Barbie's supposedly idealized proportions, she would have taken many photos of her with the doll she's trying to look like. A recent short documentary film, "Space Barbie, michael kors outlet clearance " provides new insight into her motives. Lukyanova doesn't mind comparisons to Barbie, but states: "Even though people call me Barbie, I never tried to look like a doll. I just like everything beautiful, feminine and refined. It just so happens that dolls are based on the image of refined girls." So what does explain her best michael kors outlet online strange appearance? It's amazing what can be done with flattering lighting, hours of makeup and low resolution video. Some images of her may be digitally enhanced, but despite a few YouTube videos to the contrary, there is little or no evidence that Lukyanova has undergone extensive plastic surgery, either to look like Barbie or for any other reason. It's possible, though there are no before and after photos or vid christian louboutin outlet ugg boots outlet store cheap ray ban glasses christian louboutin outlet christian louboutin pas cher avis coach swingpack crossbody bags sale Bag coach man cheap michael kors wristlets large coach bag
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