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Buy michael kors outlet store great mall here! g the holiday season, homeless service organizations need help throughout the year. "What people really need in these hard times is a human touch, a kind word," Bales said. "Even just serving some coffee, hearing a person's story and sharing some love." Fred Jordan Missions serves about 600,000 meals a year to homeless people living on skid row and in nearby communities. The agency needs warm clothing, meat and nonperishable food items and financial contributions. michael kors outlet jersey gardens Box 12345, Covina, CA 91722. (800) 964 3663. The group needs travel sized bottles of shampoo, soap and towels and financial contributions. 526 S. San Pedro St., Los Angeles, CA michael kors outlet michael kors outlet website fake black friday sales 2014 90013. (213) 488 9559, Ext. 110. The mission needs soap and razors, large sized clothing, meat products and financial contributions. Volunteers are also needed to serve meals, provide legal assistance, mentor students and teach life skills. 303 E. 5th St., Los Angeles, CA michael kors handbags tanger outlet 90013. (213) 629 1227. The center needs rain ponchos, umbrellas, men's clothing, grocery store gift cards and financial contributions. Volunteers are also needed to serve meals, play games, teach classes, accompany field trips and do office work. Box 3867, Hollywood, CA 90078. (323) 908 0011, Ext. 110. The center michael kors outlet online free shipping needs clothing, toiletries, prepaid phone cards, store gift cards, art supplies and financial contributions. Volunteers are also needed to serve meals, distribute clothing, teach life skills and lead recreational activities. 1453 16th St., Santa Monica, CA 90404. (310) 264 6646.?Marbles in Flower Arrangements Hi, my name is David Z. of David Z. Design, and I'm going to show you how to use marbles in a flower arrangement. What I've decided to do this time is a black and white arrangement and we have, we have some white marbles. So we start with the marbles. We'll just put it in a vase, cut it like this and one bag. You can purchase these anywhere. On line the best place to go is just any website, just do a search on marbles and you'll find it locally. We're up to four bags for this assignment. I have a 6 X 6 square glass. This could be also a centerpiece for a black and white event and here are our orchids. michael kors outlet new york We'll just put this right here for a minute. So what I'm going to do is just get some of these leaves which are the dark burgundy almost black looking things here. It's called agonis. It's available in Los Angeles, I don't know where you're watching from. You can order it again on line. We purchased it in the Flower Mart this week a cheap ugg boots Christian Louboutin 100mm christian louboutin outlet cheap red bottom shoes cheap red bottom shoes cheap real coach bags online coach factory outlet online reviews red bottom pumps cheap uggs australia red bottom shoes on ebay
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