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Buy michael kors outlet online-ee here! as a precaution.?Man convicted of slaying 7 awarded nearly CHICAGO (AP) A former handyman serving life in prison for the 1993 murder of seven people at a suburban Chicago restaurant has been awarded nearly a half million dollars in a civil lawsuit in which he alleged a jail guard punched him in the face. Victims relatives Sunday criticized jurors decision for James Degorski, who, with an accomplice, shot and stabbed two restaurant owners and five workers at Brown Chicken and Pasta during a botched robbery. Their bodies were found in a walk in cooler and freezer. Degorski, now 41, accused a Cook County Jail guard of punching him and breaking his cheekbone michael kors outlet cheap purses and eye michael kors handbags outlet new york socket in 2002 just after Degorski arrest in what had been one of the most notorious, unsolved murder cases in Illinois history. "If broken bones are worth a half million, then how much are seven lives worth? This michael kors outlet online store fake just doesn feel right," said Ann Ehlenfeldt, a sister of Richard Ehlenfeldt, one of the owners who was killed. But Degorski attorney, Jennifer Bonjean, hailed the jury decision, which came Friday after a three day trial. "I think it a beautiful day for civil rights when a jury can put aside emotions and say we are all entitled to our civil rights," she said. "It about protecting the constitutional rights of the least among us." Despite the $451,000 award, it not clear whether Degorski will ever see any of the money. Prison officials could seek to seize it to cover costs of imprisoning Degorski at the Menard Correctional Center, southeast of St. Louis, Bonjean said. The cost of keeping a defendant at that prison is around $20,000 a year, according to data from the michael kors borse outlet online Illinois Department of Corrections. And even if the money technically becomes his, Degorski would michael kors bags outlet usa face strict michael kors outlet online clothes limits on how much he could spend. Typically, inmates at state prisons are barred from spending more than a few hundred dollars a month at prison commissaries. The guard accused of beating Degorski, former Cook County sheriff deputy Thomas Wilson, may file an appeal, his attorney, John Winters Jr., said. Winters said he may look for other legal means to ensure Degorski never gets the money. "I will try to get every dime back out of Mr. Degorski," he said. District Judge Robert Dow, who presided over the civil trial, was wrong to rule jurors could not be told any details of the restaurant killings. Prosecutors have said Degorski and his high school friend, Juan Luna, committed the christian louboutin outlet online store christian louboutin cheap cheap ugg boots Coach 2014 Sale uggs clearance sale outlet net Coach Travel Wallet cheap michael kors earrings coach factory online canada Cheap coach mens wallets uggs on sale day after christmas
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