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Buy michael kors outlet online vip here! rticle ignores the context of the story from the 70s in favor of talking about it in today's context of feminism talking points.?Man Allegedly Ties 89 Bags Of Drugs To His Penis When cops searched 23 year old Ray Woods michael kors outlet michael kors outlet jacksonville florida jersey gardens after a traffic stop in Folcroft, Pa. last week, they were suspicious of a giant bulge in his pants, according to the Philadelphia Daily News. Woods had tied 89 bags of heroin and cocaine concealed in a larger sack tied to his penis, cops said. "I've seen it down their pants, in their ass, michael kors bags outlet canada but I've never seen it tied to their penis," Folcroft Police Cpl. Christopher Eiserman told the paper. "I couldn't believe it." Woods was a passenger in a car pulled over Friday for speeding, the Daily Times reported. The cop reported that he saw a bag of marijuana at Woods' feet, and another vial full of weed on the seat when he asked Woods to step out of the car. Cops took Woods to a precinct house where the the contours of his pants aroused suspicion. At the police station, officers pulled down the alleged perp's pants and claimed to find 41 bags of heroin and 48 bags of cocaine. Quanta'e PowellPowell is accused of running naked around a Florida apartment michael kors handbags in outlet stores complex in February, 2012. A police report on Powell's arrest notes michael michael kors outlet store online that, ""Statements from the defendant were not possible as he would only state he loved cocaine and needed more cocaine." Darron Lynn KoenigKoenig was accused in February, 2013 of throwing hammers at Texas construction workers and then baracading himself inside his residence when police arrived to question him, according to the Houston Chronicle. Garrett michael kors outlet thanksgiving sale Michael HooverHoover was arrested for disorderly conduct in South Carolina on November, 16, 2012. But, more importantly, he's "down to boink." Sean Carl PaynePayne is accused of being so drunk that a police officer had to hold his head up for his mugshot after he was arrested in October, 2012 by Humble, Tex. cops. Terry SmithOfficers in Port Orange, Fla., say Terry Smith allegedly tried to rob a taxi and, in the process, left his wallet in the cab. William KiseAfter crashing his Mustang into an Indianapolis home, William Kise's first question to the victims was reportedly, "You want some pizza?" Michael Don MitchellMichael Don Mitchell, 38, is accused of stealing $87 in cash and change from a home in Lakeport, Tex., as well as a can of Chef Boyardee ravioli. Investigators identified him by the spaghetti sauce around his lips and mouth. Daniel ugg outlet online cheap red bottoms christian louboutin sale shoes cheap uggs sale christian louboutin shoes online shop Pink coach handbags sale red bottom shoe brand coach factory bag repair coach carly bag
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