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Buy michael kors outlet online store fake here! of boiling water and boil for 5 7 minutes. (Depending on how strong you like your tea you may want to boil your tea bags for up to 10 minutes.) Remove from heat and place a lid on the pot and allow to steep for 5 7 minutes. Meanwhile, fill a 4 quart pitcher with 3 Quarts of filtered or purified water. Place in a squirt bottle and set aside. First, take a tumbler glass or other party serving glass and place 4 5 mint leaves in it. Next, put in a couple of lime wedges. Using a muddler or wooden spoon crush/mix the two ingredients together in the bottom of the glass. Now, pour in half to three quarters glass of brewed tea. On top of michael kors outlet store handbags that you will add a two to three count squirt of the sugar water mixture. Place ice in glass leaving enough room for a shot of gingerale. Add 1 to 2 michael kors outlet delaware shots of gingerale. Using a spoon roll the crushed lime and mint from the bottom of the glass to the top rolling it over from top to botom a few times. Garnish if desired. to your guest fresh, cold and delicious. Now that is the way iced tea is made to enjoy and refresh the senses! AHHHHH!To speed up completion time:Pre michael kors outlet online store real slice your limes into 6 or 8 wedge piecesPre pick your fresh mint leaves and michael kors factory outlet clearance place them in a nice glass jar or michael kors outlet jacksonville florida cupPre mix 1/2 Cup sugar and 1/2 Cup warm water until well blended?London restaurants with private dining rooms For Soho elegance: Quo Vadis This Soho favourite (it's a restaurant and a private club) has not one but two private dining options on the second floor: the bigger Marx room holds up to 32 and the Leoni room is perfect for small lunches (the table seats 12). There's also The Snug (eight people) and The Petting Room which has a table for eight and its own comfy sofas. Simple elegance describes the decor, the drinks and the food. On the menus you can expect dishes such as smoked mackerel pate, rack of lamb and almond meringue. Serious steak aficionados can satisfy their carnivorous cravings with three different kinds of beef prime rib, porterhouse and rump from Hawksmoor's private dining room menu. You get all three on the party sharing plate. You can't book it at dinnertime, but you can take over its very simple and homely private room downstairs (for up to 12 people). At 40 per head, the menu includes a selection of starters, followed by mains such as lamb shanks and puddings like buttermilk and rhubarb tart. Add cheese for an extra 7 per head. You can design your own bespoke menu or choose michael kors outlet online glasses one of their feasting menus. We've got o christian louboutin canada cheap uggs sale red bottoms for cheap cheap louboutin shoes Cheapest coach bags men red bottoms with spikes red bottom shoes replica coach factory store online returns cheap authentic coach bags malaysia
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