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Buy michael kors outlet online real or fake here! two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Now, the first foundation chain is just a single crochet. So, you insert your hook and we're going to do all ten, well in this case, it will be nine 'cause we put the hook in the second chain from the hook; so we'll have nine here. So, this will just be a single crochet and that's how all of the ribbed lines in crochet begin. The first row on the foundation chain is just a single crochet. Okay. So, we've done our nine with this one; so, this is normal, this is a single crochet. Now, the ribbing begins. You will always michael kors outlet store palm springs chain one at the end of your row and then, the ribbing is B L O. In your pattern you'll read that, that means back loop only. So, you just stick your hook, see that the top right here? You have the two for the stitches for the single crochet, but you only going to stick it in the back loop and single crochet the back loop only. In the pattern like I said, that's going to read as B L O; back loop only. And so, this begins your ribbing and you'll continue on every single row that your pattern calls for in this fashion, the back loop only. Some patterns actually will have a front loop only. So, whatever yours calls for, that's what you do for the entire pattern on that row. So, there's our first one. See how it's ribbed? It's just awesome. And you chain one in turn and then that back loop only once again, you just single crochet. That's all the ribbed, ribbed line in crochet is; that's all it is. And it just makes for a beautiful pattern because I think those mittens are absolutely gorgeous. And so, you're coming michael kors outlet usa review here to the end of the row and then michael kors outlet hiring I'll show you, there's your ribbing. See how that looks? I'm Cassandra Allen Brown, Bags by michael kors outlet chicago review CAB Yarn Shoppe in Denver, Colorado. Thank you for watching.?Making Snowflakes From Plastic Rings Instead of clipping and tossing out the plastic rings from soda can packs, save them to make a glittery, festive winter craft. These rings make beautiful snowflake ornaments with a three dimensional feel. This project involves stacking and stapling sets of plastic rings together. It is appropriate for older children who can use a stapler with ease. This craft also makes a fun family, holiday activity. Make several snowflakes and distribute them to friends and family for creative, homemade holiday decorations. Place one set of plastic rings on the table with the flat side facing up. There should be three plastic tabs at michael kors outlet online redemption code the top of the set: one on each of Ray Bans for cheap cheap ray ban glasses uggs outlet online store cheap coach bags online cheap uggs for sale red bottom sneakers with spikes cheap michael kors diaper bags shop coach factory outlet online Cheap coach purse uggs outlet sale coupon
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