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Buy michael kors outlet online phone number here! urved, draw the shape at each end. If you have trouble with drawing freehand, use any curved object to draw around. The larger the object, the wider the curve. Cut out the pattern, trace it onto a piece of poster board and cut it out. Draw a pattern on your graph paper for the michael kors outlet black friday 2013 quilted strips. It should michael kors outlet store gilroy be a 2 rectangle. Trace the pattern on poster board for the final pattern. The handbag strap will be cut later without a pattern. Cut a total of eight strips with your 2 rectangle pattern, four for the front and four for the back. Decide on the placement of the strips and sew two right sides together, down the 10 sides. Add another strip to the second one and then the final strip to the end using seam allowances. Repeat this procedure for the back side of the quilted handbag. Press all the seams to the right. Place your michael kors official outlet online store poster board pattern of the handbag on the wrong side of the fabric and draw around it, making sure it is centered and straight with the seams. Cut out the pieced fabric. Cut out two pieces of muslin or backing fabric, as well as batting. They should be approximately 10 by 12 inches. The exact measurement is not important as they will be trimmed later to the size of the handbag. michael kors outlet store great lakes crossing Place the backing fabric, wrong side up, onto your workspace, then the batting and then the pieced fabric, which should be right side up. Use several large safety pins around the top of the quilt sandwich to secure the three pieces together. Sew inch around the outside. Repeat the process for the back. Regulate your sewing machine for a wider stitch. After removing the safety pins, sew along the seams of the four strips of pieced fabric. This is called "sewing in the ditch." This will give the handbag a quilted effect without any stitches showing. Repeat with michael kors bags outlet canada the back piece. Trim the batting and backing fabric to match the pieced front. With both pieces facing, right sides together, pin and sew a seam all the way around except for the top opening. Remove the pins and turn the handbag right side out. Cut a 1 strip of one of the fabrics to use as a bias for the top of the handbag. Also cut a 2 by 18 strip for the handbag strap. The length of the strap can be adjusted to your preference. Starting with the bias strip, press it in michael kors handbags outlet price half lengthwise, then press inch along one of the long raw edges. Pin the strip to the top of the handbag, with the unfolded raw edge, right sides together, starting at one of the seams. When you reach the beginning of the strip cheap uggs on sale ugg outlet online christian louboutin outlet christian louboutin outlet online used coach bags coach factory outlet account red bottom shoes who makes them Clearance coach wallets women Cheap authentic coach handbags
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