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Buy michael kors outlet online clearance here! 00:00:06:23NARRATOR:Some big bakeries need so much flour that it's silly to put it into bags. The flour goes straight into the truck. And the truck takes the flour to the bakery to be made into bread. At the bakery, the flour comes from the truck through these pipes. Some of the pipes bring water and oil and other ingredients and they go into this mixing machine which mixes them all together to make the bread dough. The bread dough falls down into this machine which divides the dough into little lumps to go into the cooking tins. These lumps look a bit small, don't they? But the dough has a special ingredient called yeast. After a while, the yeast makes the dough swell and get big enough to fill the tin so these doughs are going off to sit in a warm place to get bigger. Here they are much bigger! Ready to go into the oven to be cooked. And then, look! Yummy, hot bread! In just one hour, this factory makes 8,000 loaves of bread! Down they go to get sliced. And packed into plastic bags to keep them fresh. The packaged breads get stacked and move along these tracks. Into this loading shed where the trucks will collect it. Tonight, while we're asleep, the truck drivers will take the bread to the shops where we can buy our bread in the morning at the supermarket.?Making Christmas Gift Bags Christmas gift bags have become quite popular over the years and they're so much fun to make, as well as to receive. Christmas bags can be used over and over each michael kors original handbags outlet year. They're great for storing michael kors outlet vaughan mills black friday your Christmas arts and crafts or your Christmas cards and stationary. They can be used for keeping your ribbons, gift wrapping paper, and gift tags as well. I just adore making michael kors outlet discount coupon complete scenes in the background. Using a canvas bag (large or medium is preferred), michael kors handbags outlet cheap a plain paper gift bag, or michael kors factory outlet atlantic city a plain paper lunch bag, we'll begin to start creating our Christmas gift bags. You'll also need Christmas cookie cutters, (plastic if possible), stencils, cardboard stencils made from saved food boxes, (cereal boxes are my favorites to use), glue, ribbons, paints of assorted michael kors factory outlet store locations colors for cloths that come in small or large bottles, glitter paints are most appropriate. Make sure you choose bottle with the nozzles on top. You'll need goggle eyes, pompoms for noses (can also use cotton balls), buttons for mouths or simply glue paint your facial features on, construction paper can be used to make facial features and ears as well, trace out your design on the cardboard boxes to trace upon your bag. cheap ugg boots sale fake uggs for sale louboutin outlet online Coach cheap chaussure christian louboutin homme red bottom heels for cheap genuine red bottom shoes escarpin christian louboutin pas cher Coach Overnight Bag real red bottoms
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