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Buy michael kors outlet online boots here! a bad habit. If your having a slow round, dont worry your time will come. Dont waste $$ on the wall weapons. You most likely will get a max ammo, utilize that and stab like a maniac and you should be leaving the lobby with over 4000 points. Some only stab for the 1st level or 2, then for level 3 4 and 5 put 5 or 6 shots or a whole clup in each zomb before stabbing to death. Whatever works for you. When you open the 1st door and leave the lobby, again do not waste $$ on those wall weapons either. Even if you hear the dogs howling, just run straight through to the back yard and get the ak michael kors outlet jacksonville florida off the wall. You will have time to buy this and smoke the dogs. After the dog round, if you can afford it, proceed to the backstage. If you cant, no sweat. Just sit there and accumilate more points for a round or two. But do get back stage as soon as possible. Once there, go to the far end. Lots make the mistake of standing rite in front of the door they just opened, causing the unnecessary need to cover a 2nd window. Just go to the far end, 1 guy on the window, the other 3 just keep a neat short line to his side facing the far end and all the zombs will come at you in a nice straight line. It's good to work as a team and not a selfish bunch of greedy individuals. If the guy at the window michael kors hamilton handbags outlet is lacking in points, let him switch out with best michael kors outlet online 1 of the other 3. All should be around 10,000 points by level 10. But no biggie if your not. The important part is getting the power on before the 2nd dog level. They are usually the end michael kors online outlet review of the game unless you have Jaurganaut. Let me backtrack a bit. You dont want to have to rush the power on and getting the Jaurganaut as the dogs are coming like I said about rushing out the door for the 1st dog level. So get the power on before they show up. If you guess wrong by 1 round and get another zombie round after turning the power on, your in a for a slug fest on the stage but you should be fine and its alot of fun. After we survive the dogs we head over to the camping area. When the poo hits the fan and you lose this room, obviously open the door and let the chase michael kors outlet black friday deals begin. You should have so many michael kors outlet allen premium outlets Claymores you wont know what to do with them. At the end of every round, go around to the other side of the door to your camp out room and place the claymores in a row as far out as you can. You will get a kick out of how far it reaches and how it covers your back while your retreating. Now there is no place to hide. DO NOT run, walk. Pe fake ugg boots cheap uggs christian louboutin outlet online store Cheap coach purse cheap Ray Bans Cheap coach gun cheap coach hobo crossbody bags coach factory online promo code free shipping red bottom shoes for women Bag coach leather cheapest christian louboutin shoes
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