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Buy michael kors outlet online 80 off here! the michael kors us outlet store online Playstation Network. Contact me through my Mania account if you are looking to join in on a few games. I always ready to kill some undead freak bags. Robert Trate writes two weekly columns for Mania the DVD Shopping Bag michael kors outlet jobs and the Toy Maniac. Robert also participates in a pod cast that reviews movies, comics and celebrates all things geek. Hey there my boyfriend and I have gotten to 52 on Der Riese ( I took a pic with my phone) it was insane and stressful and a lot of fun Der Riese is my favorite map. I don't mind Kino der Toten as we got to 31 within the first michael kors outlet site fake few days of having it. Our stategy is to stay in the main room until beginning of round 4, make sure to let them in during the first few rounds and get ammo. Then we went to the left out to the alley and got the machine gun (sorry don't know all the technical names yet lol) and went through the chain link fence up to the room where I take care of the 2 windows and he shoots down the stairs. After the dogs we go down onto the stage right back towards the dressing room door but don't open it and DO NOT turn the power on!!!! We build up our points for a few rounds and try to have at least 10,000 each. Yes it sucks without perks but once you have the points it's alot easier to get what you need and open everything up. And at the end of every round we make sure we have a crawler so we can link up the teleporter to begin each round. Once we have teleported and threw our grenades and come back to the main room we go up to the right side of the stairs and run pretty much in circles but no too fast michael kors shoes outlet online so the zombies back track and corner us. We would love to play with 2 others online who could maybe try our stategy and work as a team. Our strategies worked for us on Der Riese and now Kino der Toten :) With 3 others, level 29, the first 28 camped out. Where: Open the door upstairs and not the second one, rite there. One guy on the window and the other 3 facing the door way with the help of the electric barrier. we didn't use it till about 25/26. As for the Zombs falling from the ceiling, just dont go to the right of the window and they will fall in line with the other zombs. So obviously we're getting through the rest of the map by opening the door on the 1st floor. You should be able to last in the Main lobby till level 5. One player per window. Dont go shooting over shoulders, michael kors outlet toronto online it's not just annoying michael kors outlet kissimmee but thats how you get breeched. Not that it matters early on, we want them to come in. It's just christian louboutin outlet online store cheap ugg boots online christian louboutin cheap ugg outlet free shipping cheap michael kors handbags china used coach bags for sale canada cheap designer watches michael kors affordable christian louboutin shoes red bottom shoes toronto
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