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Buy michael kors outlet online 2014 here! e accepted that Riese always wins In all honesty, the war on the zombies was starting edinburgh outlet mall michael kors to run pretty thin. I noticed my crew starting to slip. Rounds would end after 5 or less due to stupid mistakes. What we were to do? Der Riese truly had won. Now a whole new strategy has to be figured out. There are new areas to explore as well as nailing down that new feature, the rotating magic box. I know I have only touched briefly on the new features to this game but I have only reached level nine in the few hours that that I have played the game. I have only been able to assemble one member of my crew and we fell right back into step as if Der Riese had never beaten us. Orders were now being screamed out. Orders were being given. Screams of help rang through the air. The glory of Nazi Zombie combat has returned. I reached out to several of you months ago (see column) about my own personal issues in dealing with online morons. I take the slaughter of Nazi Zombies very seriously and hate that people use cheats and glitches to get ahead. Yes, I know that the game cheats. It cheats in the respect that the Nazi Zombies get tougher and my weapon stays the same. I find that the challenge is the game. Much like in Pac Man, I determined it was better to eat the dots when the ghosts run away then go after the ghost when they are vulnerable. I am offering up my column cheap michael kors bags outlet this week to you Maniacs so that we can help each other out. michael kors outlet denver Perhaps even share our user names on the Playstation Network or Xbox Live. These are tougher Nazi Zombies. Sure the first level is still knife friendly but after michael kors factory outlet store locations that forget about it. It is better to michael kors outlet store sale fake ignore the machine gun at the top of the staircase. Stick with that classic zombie killer, a shotgun. Your best bet is to always line up two zombies in a row to save on ammunition. Beware the roof, high platforms and holes in the ceiling. The brilliant part about Kino Der Toten is that this game works on various levels, literally. The zombies fall down from the sky because of a hole in the roof. There are walkways outside that at first seem harmless until they rain down zombies. You looked over your shoulder before now look up too. Dogs! Yes, they are back but head to the grand staircase room with the sentry gun. Get to the flipped over tables and wedge yourself in. The dogs can touch you. The new catch phrases are a breath of fresh air and the humor alone is step above Der Riese. What I need from you Maniacs is strategies, tips and above all help. I am on ugg outlet online Coach cheap christian louboutin outlet Cheap coach purse coach crossbody bags brown Authorized coach bag cleaner Coach Laptop Bag mens uggs on sale uk Discontinued coach handbags on sale
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