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Buy michael kors outlet jersey here! n. Simply rub the milk into the area and allow it to set for about twenty minutes. Cold Water Cold water will simply cool the area. The heat from the sun burn is what causes most of our irritation. To cool the area, simply place a rag into some streaming cool water and then apply the rag onto the irritation cheap michael kors outlet bags area. Repeat the procedure every ten minutes, as needed. Witch Hazel Witch Hazel is a skin astringent. It also has anti inflammatory effect that can help heal a sun burn. Simply apply the Witch Hazel to the affect area. Repeat several times a day. Witch Hazel can be purchased at most department and drug stores, in their beauty department. It will begin to form michael-kors-outlet buy cheap a paste like mixture. This mixture can be applied to the area of the skin that is coupons for michael kors outlet store burnt. Then the area and the paste must be wrapped with light gauze. The gauze should stay on for about two to four hours. Tea Bags If your eyelids have been also sunburn, an easy fix is to apply tea bags to them. Simply soap the tea bags in cool water. Wring out the excess water out of the tea bags and apply them to your closed eyes. The tannic acid in michael kors outlet usa review the tea bags will help reduce the inflammation of the burn and help reduce the pain. Of course, while you are trying these natural remedies for sunburn pain and inflammation, you can also use ibuprofen and aspirin to help ease the pain. If your michael kors outlet bags different sunburn is intense or if there is any welting of the skin, you should seek medical assistance for the burn. Published by Linda M. Enjoys taking what I learn and sharing it with. Related ContentTreating Sunburns at HomeTips on Treating a SunburnBest OTC Treatments for Sunburns Get Relief Over The Counter!Natural Home Treatments for Kids' SunburnsPreventing Sunburns and Dehydration Should Be Your Top Priority During the SummerNatural Ways to Fight PainHome Remedies: Do It Yourself Options for a More Natural Life 3 CommentsSign in to CommentSherri Granato 8/19/2013Witch Hazel is great for so many things. Fabulous tips!Lori Gunn 8/16/2013Good suggestions on removing sunburn pain naturally! Thanks:)?Naturally Reduce Bags Under the Eyes Chilled cucumber or potato slices are two ways to reduce bags under the eyes and eye puffiness. Simply cut two fresh slices of either vegetable to a thickness of about 1/4 in. each, chill the slices in the refrigerator for 15 20 minutes then place the chilled slices over your closed eyes for 10 minutes. To help the slices stay in place, spritz your eyes with a litt christian louboutin online outlet christian louboutin canada michael kors outlet online cheap christian louboutin red red bottom heels coach bags at cheap prices Cheap coach shoulder bags cheap michael kors wallet clutch for iphone 4/4s red bottom shoes dallas
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