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Buy michael kors outlet handbags orlando here! olunteer at a no kill cat shelter every Sunday. I have also been employed full time at cat shelters for several years. A lot of people mention their cat's attraction to plastic. Here is a vet's theory that you may find informative: "An attraction to plastic is a common scenario encountered by feline practitioners. Exactly why cats like plastic remains unknown, although several theories abound. Some people have speculated that cats like the coolness of the plastic, or the texture on their tongue, or perhaps the sound it makes when they lick. The most logical reason I heard, however, is that cats like licking or eating plastic bags because rendered animal fat (also called is utilized during the manufacture of some plastic bags, and that some cats can detect the smell and enjoy the taste. Other versions of this explanation have implicated petroleum products and gelatin as the enticing ingredients. Gelatin, in fact, is used in the manufacture of many items including the emulsion used in photographs, which may explain michael kors outlet store bags why my own carnivorous cat, Emma, enthusiastically licked clean all of my unattended family photos one afternoon. I never been able to confirm the tallow petroleum gelatin theory, so CatFancy readers should not take this as the gospel truth. I hope he continues to be unaffected by his desire for plastic. You michael kors outlet discount coupon may want to have your vet check him, as is suggested in the last paragraph of the article above. Don't get too crazy over your crazy cat. Plastics of all kinds have been known to be an attractant to both cats and dogs for many years. It leads cats (and occasionally people) to consume non food objects. I have a cat who eats plastic bags, yarn, feathers and bamboo. She used to eat hair off of my head while I slept. Plastic bags have been a particular problem to many cats, but no one is sure exactly why. There are 2 theories that I know of: 1) The plastic is made from rendered animal fats which attract the cat or 2) There is supposedly a chemical in plastic that mimics a cat sex hormone, thus attracting the cat. I think that theory 1 is more commonly believed. No one is sure why cats develop pica. There are theories about that as well, but no sure answers. It could be that your cat is missing something from his michael-kors-outlet buy cheap diet try a high quality michael kors outlet online store usa cat food or a vitamin supplement. It could be an anxiety issue. You could try Feliway (a comfort protein) just don't spray any on the offending objects (it might make michael kors outlet them more attractive). Spray other cheap ugg boots on sale christian louboutin outlet online store christian louboutin outlet store cheap ugg boots sale ugg boots clearance genuine coach bags on sale ladies red sole shoes uggs outlet pleasant prairie cheap uggs uk genuine Mens mens coach wallets on sale
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