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Buy michael kors outlet handbags here! e Full Size ImageFull Size Image Customer: I see you sent me the wiring diagram for the system but I think I need the mechanical showing the air system and all the various parts and connections where possible leaks may occur. I forgot to tell you that I am in Panama City, Rep of Panama and it is not easy getting everything needed. What is michael kors outlet black friday deals 2013 the best way to determine which component may have the small leak or do I have keep replacing parts. The dealer here wants a bundle for each part and another bundle to replace them. R : The best method is to take a bottle of soapy water and spray it down from the compressor to the air bags. Unfortunately Ford dosnt supply a diagram that shows the complete system. I can send components if you need. R : If you could get me a system fault code it would be a lot easier to run thru the pinpoint test. PINPOINT HERE Customer: The dealers mechanic put a laptop on to my car and saw no fault code for the suspension. after removing weight from trunk or passenger compartment what component releases the air from the bags? I am asking you all these Q's due to being in the Army and having to troubleshoot the equipment I worked on down to the lowest level. Customer: Can you get parts for my system and what are the discounts for them? R : In most michael kors outlet online vip cases if any sensor michael kors bags outlet reviews was bad you would get a code. The air bags are sold seperate from the solenoids. The level sensor send the signal to the control modual to raise and lower the system. Run thru the Pinpoint test I sent you , if its an electronic concern it will show up there. Customer: Do the solenoids have a possible chance of causing a leak? If I buy new bags do I need new solenoids? Can you quote prices? R : Yes it is possiable the solenoids could leak. It would not hurt to replace them as well if you suspect they are leaking. I remember seeing one when the michael kors outlet fake or real dealer had to get me a window and also a tensioner for the belt. R : Yes ther is a break down but I do not have access to Ford part site. You can call your dealer parts department and they can usually fax you the list. Customer: Okay Thanx for you time Richard R michael kors outlet store aurora : Your very welcome,, thank you as well. AlvinC answered a question about my Ford truck that only someone with an in depth knowledge of his subject would have known what was going on. Rich DBecause of your expertise, you armed me with enough ammunition to win the battle with the dealer. They are installing a fuel filter and fuel pump at no cheap uggs michael kors factory outlet online christian louboutin outlet online cheap uggs sale ugg boots outlet high heels with red bottom red soles on shoes cheap michael kors ipad cases coach straw bags coach factory headquarters uggs outlet online belgie
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