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Buy michael kors outlet fake here! esday. Liu had recently moved in with her new boyfriend Kenneth Grotsky, though she had another home that she shared with her eldest son, Falls said. The weekend before her death, she had a fight with Grotsky and went back to her own place, he said. She invited several friends over including Jiang to cheer herself up, the lawyer said. The former couple spent the next two nights together, but then Liu and Grotsky reconciled, he said. That Friday, Liu made michael kors outlet store online reviews dinner plans with Jiang, Falls said. She was never seen alive again. Jiang was not happy with (Liu) on Aug. 10. He took her back to his residence and killed her, Falls told the court in his opening statement. an attempt to hide the murder, Mr. Jiang cut (Liu body into pieces and, in a very undignified way, dumped the pieces in Mississauga and Scarborough. 15, triggering a massive investigation. Her head was discovered the next day in the same river, wrapped in two grocery bags, court heard. Other body parts were found Aug. 17 and Aug. 19 in Toronto and on Sept. 5 in a suitcase floating in Lake Ontario. Some body parts have not yet been found. Liu body was at every major joint after her death, Falls said the coroner found, adding that some parts were carefully severed the ball of the joint intact. chopping injuries to Ms Liu head, if inflicted prior to her death, would have resulted in significant blood michael kors outlet grapevine mills mall loss and blunt head injury and could have caused her death, Falls said. Photos of her severed foot, head and michael kors outlet store at great lakes crossing hands were shown in court Tuesday. Court heard from police officers who were at the scene and sent the body parts for michael kors michael kors outlet online real or fake bags outlet nj forensic analysis. Jiang, who wore a blue and white checked shirt with tan pants, stared straight ahead. Falls said blood was found in the accused basement and in the trunk of his car. Forensic tests showed the chances that someone not related to Liu would match that DNA profile were about one in 64 quadrillion, he said. A pair of rubber gloves found in a kitchen drawer tested positive for both Liu and Jiang DNA, Falls said. Police also found grocery bags exactly like the ones used to wrap Liu head and calves in Jiang garbage, he said. Other michael kors outlet factory online evidence in the trash included a blade cover and a receipt for a hatchet, though the weapon itself was never found, he said. A global positioning system taken from Jiang car showed trips were made on Aug. 11, 2012, between the area of his east end Toronto home and several areas where Liu remains surfaced christian louboutin cheap louboutin outlet cheap ray ban glasses christian louboutin sale christian louboutin outlet Stoeger Coach Gun Sale cheap wholesale michael kors bags red bottom shoes saks ugg outlet store in ventura ca coach bags canada factory
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