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Buy michael kors outlet destiny here! hs in their practice. But when someone scores high marks in exams, michael kors outlet online boots there are cross national celebrations which are conducted. The point I am trying to make is that marks are great. But as a society, we have to start glorifying real world contributions and achievements instead. I personally know of many doctors who forwent opportunities to go abroad just so that they could open up healthcare institutions here in India and make a difference. But you never hear their name anywhere. Exams are not the end, they are a means to an end. My points above clearly don pertain to this michael kors outlet wholesale girl, who efforts are clearly not circumscribed to just academic performance. Dr Chandrahas Deshmukh, who taught Shefali at G S Medical College, described her as an "extraordinary" student. "She published papers at undergraduate level, which even many postgraduate candidates do not do. She was heavily into research and also attended an international medical conference," said Deshmukh. Furthermore, she was the youngest person to present a paper at the European Academy of Paediatric Societies in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2010. like making ground breaking medical discoveries are michael kors outlet jeffersonville ohio joke that too without funding. Way to michael kors zonnebrillen outlet misconstrue what I am saying. My friend mother is a renowned gynaecologist who way back in the day, devised a new method for in vitro fertilization, which went on to become standard practice in the region. It was a big deal in the medical world, not the slightest mention in newspapers. In any case, I had numerous discussions with doctors who attest to michael kors outlet online vip the same. Professional ingenuity in India is hardly given any attention. You don need big budgets and departments to make discoveries, especially in medical practices. any doc who is practising honestly in India has done real world contribution. True. But the point is by treating all contributions in the generic way, you are killing off the incentive for innovation and courage. If a doctor contributes in a way that is innovative and finds solutions to problems, you ought to laud those efforts far more than the ones of regular doctors. The point again is we raise people to the heavens when they achieve academic success. Only if we did the same in the context of practical contributions, would then there be a climate where people strive to be the best in what they do and find solutions to problems. Lack of systems michael kors satchel bags outlet of meritocracy is one of the prominent reasons why India best desert India.?Mumbai's new internatio cheap christian louboutin shoes ugg outlet fake ugg outlet cheap uggs outlet christian louboutin outlet online Cheap coach bags usa Coach clearance handbags manufacturers red bottom shoes wiki coach outlet store purses Bags coach australia cheap knit uggs
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