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Buy michael kors outlet cheaper here! ical. However, these dreamed up concepts show that a quiet water crisis is getting more desperate. Mike Halpert, deputy director of the NOAA's Climate Prediction Center, knows the temptation. He's about to fly from Washington, which has had 7 inches since Monday, to Houston, which got about michael kors outlet store us that amount of rain for michael kors outlet store legit the entire spring and summer. rain would be enough water for every person in Houston for 10 days. He jested that he would love to carry water in his suitcases. He said colleagues have been "joking that we'll send Texas our water. Will they send us their oil? But I don't think that's going to fly." The trouble with water is "there's enough quantity but it is not always in the right places," said G. Environmental Protection Administration during the George W. Bush Administration. So how about moving it? "The short answer .. is that it costs too much. It's not a technical problem," said Peter Gleick, president of the Pacific Studies Institute and a MacArthur genius grant recipient for his work on water. Las Vegas' grand proposal is to take water from the mighty michael kors outlet sale Mississippi in a series of smaller pipeline like exchanges among states just west of the Mississippi to refill the overused Colorado River. There are no official cost estimates, but it likely would be in the hundreds of billions dollars. Texas oilman T. Boone Pickens abandoned his plans for a massive water pipeline stretching across Texas to just moving water around the Texas Panhandle. Water weighs a lot about 8.3 pounds per gallon so moving massive amounts, often up mountains, costs a lot, Glennon said. Gleick notes that conservation and efficiency are cheaper. Building a pipeline to pump water from flooded areas is foolish because each year it is somewhere different that gets drenched, so you can't build something permanent based on a couple of years' unusual rainy weather, NOAA's Halpert said. For purely moving water, Gleick likes a smaller scale concept: the trash bag. michael kors outlet online us michael kors outlet are fake A California firm has designed Spragg Bags "with the world's strongest zippers" that haul millions of gallons of drinking water from one place to another over the ocean, said inventor Terry Spragg. It's been used in Greece. When asked the cost to haul excess water by bag from the flooded Northeast to Texas, Spragg declined to say. "It just wouldn't be practical. It's just too distant.. Orange County, Calif., has a state of the art water recycling program. And on the International Space St ugg outlet store ugg boots outlet christian louboutin cheap Coach factory online cheap christian louboutin wedding shoes christian louboutin shoes from burlesque uggs boots on sale for womens christian louboutin prix brown coach baby bags
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