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Buy michael kors outlet cheap purses here! ental problem, and not using them doesn't save one drop of oil. Plastic, ALL plastic, is made from refining waste that would otherwise be burned off. Plastic, again michael kors handbags outlet stores ALL plastics, account for less than 3% of the oil used in the US. Plastic bags are a tiny fraction of plastic items. There was an Australian study that mistakenly identified plastic bags as killers in the ocean. They later retracted that from the study because it was wrong. Plastic fishing nets are a much larger problem. MUCH larger. Those reusable bags you love so much are usually made of . you guessed it. plastic. Maybe recycled plastic, but not easily recyclable. Most of them also came from China, a long way to michael kors online outlet sales ship a bag, and it certainly isn't supporting the US economy. Cotton bags are certainly not a great enviro option. Cotton farms dump 25% of all the harmful pesticides used in the world, are massive consumers of water, and harvesting and manufacturing uses tons of fuel. AND most likely the cotton in your bag has been all the way around the world by the time it gets to you. To be truly environmentally concious, you have to look past difference between michael kors outlet bags what SEEMS like a good thing and examine all aspects of the issue.?Moving water from flood to drought WASHINGTON (AP) As the soggy East tries to dry out from flooding and Texas prays for rain that doesn't come, you might ask: Isn't there some way to ship all that water from here to there? It's an idea that has tempted some, but reality gets in the way. A Texas oilman once envisioned long pipelines carrying water to drought stricken Texas cities, just one of several untested fantasies of moving water vast distances. Parched Las Vegas still wants to indirectly siphon off excess water from the overflowing Mississippi River. French engineers have simulated hauling an iceberg to barren Africa. There are even mega trash bags to move heavy loads of water. There's certainly plenty of rainwater available. Tropical Storm Lee dumped enough on the already saturated Mid Atlantic, Northeast and Gulf Coast to bring 9.6 inches of rain across the entire state of Texas, according to calculations by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and The Associated Press. "Doesn't it make you want to think about a larger distribution that helps both? That's the crazy part of this. It's a win win. There's no loser." But moving vast quantities of water is not simple or michael kors outlet official cheap, and thus not realistic, experts say. michael kors handbags outlet clearance Mostly, it's too costly and polit cheap ugg boots michael kors factory outlet store michael kors online outlet ugg boots outlet Multi Colored Coach Purse lobeton shoes christian louboutin for kids shoes red bottom high heels for women mens christian louboutin how to spot fake red bottom shoes
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