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Buy michael kors outlet bags different here! avorite cause. For example, you could set goals such as collecting a certain amount of winter coats for needy kids, or filling a certain number of book bags with much needed school supplies. Explore Common Interests Perhaps you and your teen daughter are both music fans, although you likely prefer music from a different era. Take your teen to see one of her favorite performers in concert, and then take her to see one of your favorite bands from when you were growing up, michael kors outlet real or fake if they're still performing. She might find them cooler than she thought. If you both adore chick flicks, take her to opening day screening of the newest one, or rent a bunch of classics and have a mother daughter movie night. You might get your teen out of school early on a Friday and hit the road together. Look at a map and let her choose where she might want to go within a certain distance and just go. michael kors bags outlet Figure out where you want to stop and things michael kors online outlet review you want to do along the way. If you live in a small town or city, a trip to a big city, like New York City, can be exciting for the both of you. Stay in the heart of the city and jointly decide what attractions you want to see.?Mother's Day Basket Wondering what to surprise the mom in your life with this Mother's Day? Why not say, "I love you" by giving her a basket with items that will inspire health five different ways! Find a pretty basket and fill it with the following items: 1. Skip the sugary box of chocolates and inspire mom to get into the heart healthy and waist friendly daily habit of eating a handful of nuts starting with pistachios! Here's some good news for mom: A recent Harvard University study suggests a daily handful of pistachios may have a role in health and longevity. [N Engl J of Med. 2013;369:2001 2011] Choose pistachios in their shell and you've got michael kors outlet cheap handbags the perfect "slow" snack food because it takes a little work to remove the shell before michael kors outlet store you enjoy the tasty nut inside. michael kors chicago premium outlet mall Wonderful Pistachios now come in convenient individual serving bags and several fun flavors like Sweet Chili and Salt and Pepper. Putting these fun pistachio bags in mom's basket will encourage her to reach for pistachios instead of chips because pistachios have protein, fiber, and more than 10 antioxidants. And here's the bonus she will feel a lot more satisfied after 160 calories worth of nutrient rich pistachios (49 pistachio kernels or 1 ounce) compared with 15 measly potato chips (160 calories or 1 ounce). 2. Emergency nutrition bars cheap michael kors cheap coach bags online cheap uggs online ugg boots for cheap uggs outlet sale online trina red bottom shoes cheap michael kors handbags paypal coach crossbody bags mens coach factory outlet quality
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